• Linuilas: sgasga
  • Linuilas: gdlkgjdaksjgds sfahgsa gagasgihsag gsahgas gasg s
  • Linuilas: woot
  • Caylen: hello everyone, ty for warm welcome^^
  • Mariposa: Hey guys
  • Cloakandpoke: Vote for the tool of the week award in the poll ont he lower right!!
  • Antibiotics: Woot:O:O
  • Mariposa: That blue dress song is so cool XD
  • Kechel: I like the site, got rid of the commercials though :p.
  • Kratassus: Im here too!

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to Sanatorium. We are a World of Warcraft Alliance raiding guild based on Stormreaver-EU. We have one simple aim: to progress end game content while ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves. We are not interested in drama queens, loot-whores or emo whiners.

Latest News

Northrend Beasts downed in Toc25 HC

Posted by Linuilas - 3rd November 2009 23:06

After a long three and a half hours of wiping and refining our tactics we succeeded on downing the Northrend Beasts in Trial of the Grand Crusader (25 Man) on our final try of the evening. This marks Sanatorium's first proper kill in Trial of the Grand Crusader (25 Man) and the start of our progression to downing Anub'Arak and completing Trial of The Crusader.

Screenshot of Northrend Beasts down

Big thanks to everyone who attended and stuck around through all the wipes. Everyone will be getting a present of 50 gold in the mail at some point over the next day or so to help cushion the blow of repair costs.

And for those who were unable to attend you missed out on this lovely loot:

Cord of the Tenebrous Mist

Steel Bladebreaker

Shawl of the Refreshing Wind

Yogg-Saron downed

Posted by Linuilas - 14th October 2009 21:06

Yogg-Saron has finally been defeated! This marks Sanatorium's completion of all Ulduar 25 normal content and we are now looking forward to starting on the heroic content.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the kill and endured the endless wipes we suffered before finally getting all three phases worked out and teaching Yogg a lesson he won't soon forget! Well not until the raids reset at least anyway!!!